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The Pontis circle of bridging design and manufacturing

Pontis supplies a wide range of services covering the entire process from conceptual design to (serial) production and transportation. These services can be grouped in 3 main categories: - design - process development - manufacturing support We can advise and support you during any part of the process or we can manage the entire project. As all steps in the process are strongly intertwined and can not be seen independently, we strongly recommend our early engagement. This way we can guarantee optimal efficiency, first time right processes and a superior quality composite product.


Pontis translates product ideas into composite products. Whether this is a new idea or the translation of an existing product into a composite solution. At all times, we keep the manufacturing process in mind, leading to a cost effective and efficient design process.
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Process development

The structural design must now be translated into the manufacturing design. Leveraging on Pontis’ know how and the latest industry technology, process trials are being set up to define the process parameters for manufacturing. For training purposes and knowledge transfer, these trials will be executed in close cooperation with your team. The result is a tailored manufacturing process and quality system for your composite product.
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In this phase the choices made in design, materials and processes are applied in prototypes true to scale. Material selection and detailed design coming from the design phase are congregated with the definition of different processes (e.g. infusion strategy), “kitting” of fiber fabrics/ core/ consumables and the definition of process settings.
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Pontis works according to “LEAN” manufacturing concepts. LEAN is a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the client a target for elimination. The advantage of this method is the focus on optimizing all aspects that are valuable for the client.
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