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The Pontis circle of bridging design and manufacturing

Process Development

Process development



Process definition

The structural design must now be translated into the manufacturing design. Leveraging on Pontis’ know how and the latest industry technology, process trials are being set up to define the process parameters for manufacturing. For training purposes and knowledge transfer, these trials will be executed in close cooperation with your team. The result is a tailored manufacturing process and quality system for your composite product.

Material selection

The possibilities and different compositions of composites are virtually endless. The determination of the material properties used in the design is therefore essential. The properties of your composite product are in fact completely dependent on the materials used and the planned production technique is crucial.

Pontis advises and supports its clients in selecting the optimal mix of materials for the specific application. The right properties and processability of different materials are key in creating a good and cost-efficient production flow.


Mould & Equipment design

Composite products are produced with the aid of moulds. The design of the product, the choice of materials and production processes, the size of the production and the desired accuracy are altogether decisive for the choice of mould and the necessary equipment.

Pontis is globally recommended for its expertise in moulding and tooling, combining aircraft accuracy with boatbuilding technology. We have experience in moulds up to 65 meters in length and we deliver on site support during the entire manufacturing phase.

Pontis can manufacture the moulds in-house or source the moulds from our extensive international network of top quality plug and mould manufacturers.