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The Pontis circle of bridging design and manufacturing

Process Development


Trouble shooting

Should a failure occur in your manufacturing process, Pontis is your experienced and skilled partner to analyze and identify the malfunction(s) or symptoms, determine what

causes the problem and implement the solution restoring your product or process to its working state. Services include Root Cause Analysis, Detailed Process Analysis and
Detailed Material Analysis.


LEAN manufacturing concepts

Pontis works according to “LEAN” manufacturing concepts. LEAN is a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the client a target for elimination. The advantage of this method is the focus on optimizing all aspects that are valuable for the client- such as price, quality, delivery, maintenance, environmental - resulting in a cost efficient manufacturing process.


Plant Lay out

In close cooperation with the customer team, Pontis performs plant layout studies to analyze different physical configurations (space, material handling, affinity, communications, utilities) of the manufacturing plant in order to optimize the production process of the composite product. 

Based on LEAN principles, the process flow, production cycles and need for equipment and investments are being defined and Pontis provides advise and support for equipment selection.


Logistic concepts

Composites are the material of the future. As global demand for advanced composites increases, logistic concepts for transporting large products will rapidly become more important.


Especially wind energy is a game of logistics. Large blades require special handling and training. Repair costs of transport damages to blades can besubstantial. The need for dedicated transport fixtures which guarantee excellent protection for blades is therefore increasing.


Pontis uses its expertise and 20 year experience in wind energy and composites for designing optimal transport fixtures for advanced composite products. As the Dutch have vast expertise in all transportation modes, we work with a world renowned specialist manufacturers to provide road, rail and ocean transport modes.

With our knowledge of the American, European and Asian regulatory environment, we make sure to get your advanced composite products to the target market safely and problem free.



Composites are the material of the future. To stimulate the advancement of this growth
industry, we are keen on transferring our knowledge and technology in order to further
develop and exploit this technology into new products, processes, applications, materials
or services.


To this end Pontis provides customized theoretical and practical training programs and workshops to improve the performance of your team and optimize your engineering and
production processes.


We can train and coach your team “on the job”, provide classroom training and lectures
and give practical working instructions with the aim to optimize competences that are key
to your business. This will not only result in higher quality products and cost efficient
production processes but also in highly motivated teams with improved creative and
innovative strength.