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Pontis Engineering is a leading international company, active in the rapidly growing industry of advanced composite products. We specialize in integrated engineering solutions for the development of these products, excelling in innovative power, cost effectiveness and quality. We add value to our partners by composing the optimal mix within the value chain, leveraging on our extensive industry knowledge and network, highly expertised workforce and international presence.


ABout us

Pontis Engineering is an ambitious and independent international company, active in the rapidly growing industry of advanced composite products.

We specialize in “one stop shop” engineering solutions for the technological development of composite products, excelling in innovative power, cost effectiveness and quality. To this end we supply a wide range of services covering the entire process from conceptual design to (serial) production and transportation.

Pontis forms the bridge between design and manufacturing. This means we assume a pivotal role in the supply chain, creating synergies, innovative concepts and integrated engineering solutions. For each project Pontis composes the optimal mix within the value chain, resulting in a highly successful, innovative and state of the art composite product.

Partnership is the common thread of our service. Our core value is to be a dedicated, independent and flexible partner during the entire process and beyond. We closely cooperate with your team on site, providing advice and support, transferring know-how and best practices and finding new ways to optimize your processes and products.

This involved and hands-on mentality, our reliability and professionalism and our strong network of engineers, materials suppliers and test institutes worldwide, makes us a highly attractive partner for our rapidly growing international clientele.

Since our start in september 2007 Pontis Engineering has grown into a leading international player in the industry. Today, the company is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has offices in China and the U.S. and employs 16 highly experienced engineers worldwide.


Our team

The Pontis engineering team offers over 20 years of market-leading experience and expertise in the advanced composite industry. Our team members have proven track records both as successful engineers and as (project) managers. The company is lead by founders Sjef van Breugel and Dirk Jan Kootstra.

Ing Sjef van Breugel (1975)
After his study mechanical engineering and plastics processing, Sjef worked at TNO Research Institute developing an IP protected technology in injection molding LFT’s. Before joining GE Wind Energy he worked as a production engineer. At GE Wind Energy Sjef grew into European Blade Manager, leading the European design team for rotor blades.
» Sjef owns 5 patents.


Our vision

“Composite construction refers to any structure with two or more distinct materials that are combined to create an engineered product with properties “greater that the sum of its parts.”

Driven by our passion for composites and today’s increasing demand for sustainable
solutions, Pontis aims to be at the forefront of acquainting the world with the power and endless possibilities of composite structures.

Coming from different industries and cultures, having seen numerous applications of composites and keeping an open mind for inspiring and fresh ideas from others, we are dedicated to invent new and useful ways to apply composites and form the bridge between old en new technology.

With our ability to think outside and beyond the box and create non-planar forms with a fewer number of assembled parts, we aim to contribute to the advancement of the composites industry as a whole and to a more sustainable future.


Our international presence

As we strive to be close to our partners, Pontis has expanded its global presence by establishing local operations in Europe, China and the US.

In these local subsidiaries, we work with specialists who have thorough knowledge and understanding of the local market and culture, as well as extensive international experience. This way, Pontis and its partners can benefit from best practices from different markets around the globe.

Pontis Engineering has its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and local operations in China (Pontis China), USA (Pontis USA) and Rouveen, the Netherlands (Pontis Netherlands).